General Participate - Soulplay Festival 2017
Thank you for wanting to get involved in Soulplay Festival 2017!
Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you would like to offer!

Much Love!

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Please indicate the category of your offering. If you would like to offer participation in multiple categories, please complete a separate form for each (it's really not long). For example, let's say you'd like to be considered as a Workshop Presenter, but regardless if accepted, you'd like to also be considered as a Healer. In this case, please fill the form out twice. Once as a Presenter and once as a Healer. Thanks!
Please tell us a bit about what you would like to offer.
No longer than a few sentences please. We will follow up with a longer and more specific form depending on your offering.
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Thank you for your gifts. We will be in touch with more specific inquiries soon.
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