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This is a 'volunteer-plus' project. That means that most of the team are essentially doing it for reasons other than making money, but we do offer small payments upon the completion of agreed upon milestones (usually via PayPal) for assignments that are key to the completion of the film. These payments are not equivalent to market rates but they do help us provide some compensation for reaching targets. Note that we do have some artists just helping out, not taking payment, because what they bring is additive to the project but not necessarily driving the primary task of making the film.

If you are accepted on the project there is a voluntary refundable deposit of $10 (via PayPal). We have invested a lot in our infrastructure, and there are costs to running the project and bringing each team member up to speed. Unfortunately there are so many people that join projects like this that don't ultimately deliver anything we can use to further the project, that we now ask for a deposit. This deposit is refundable upon the successful completion of the first assignment (plus payment). That way dedicated team members incur no financial loss, but those that increase our costs ultimately assist in paying for the dedicated few to continue. The deposit is voluntary, so you don't have to do it, but if you're approaching us unsolicited it's likely to make your application bump to the top since it shows how committed you are. We take very seriously those who we accept onto the project and have no interest in making money off of volunteers. Unfortunately we can't respond to everyone, and some we may contact later when it's a better fit for the project, so please don't be offended if you don't hear from us immediately.

Quote - Mohammad Sadeh takes time away from animating dragons on Thor Ragnarok at Method to talk about working with the Director, Michael Cawood, on his previous film: "Working with Mike on 'Devils Angels & Dating' was my first experience as an animator outside school and Mike offered me a great opportunity to join his team. I learned a lot working with him like how to communicate properly and effectively to get your shot to the quality expected. My animation improved a lot under his supervision and he really was kind and patient with me. He gave me lots of artistic freedom to experiment with some of the shots and was really a wonderful supervisor. I will not forget my first short film with Mike, it was a very valuable experience for me, and I'm looking forward to working with him again!"

Other 'Devils, Angels & Dating' alumni have since gone on to work for Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Reel FX, Sony Animation, Digitial Domain, Third Floor, Nickelodeon, Passion Pictures, Bardel, Luma, The Mill, Insomniac, Meinbender, MPC, Psyop, Proof and many more.
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