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If you are interested in buying a Riffle datalogger, add your name to this interest form below. Public Lab is offering the riffle at-cost, from a manufacturer. Riffles cost ~$60, and there is a price break to $40 if collectively, Public Lab reaches 50 orders or more.
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A note about cost
The Public Lab non-profit will be offering the Riffle at cost, with a group order from a manufacturer. Based on how many people enroll in this group order, the Riffle will be ~$60 or ~$40 each. If we reach more than 50 orders, we will be able to offer everyone the lower price.

For example, you or your organization might want 2 riffles at $60 each, or 3 riffles at $40 each, if that price is reached.

How many riffles are you or your organization interested in purchasing? (At the $60 price)
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How many riffles are you or your organization interested in purchasing? (If the $40 price is reached)
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We need a shipping address to ship you your riffle! This information will be kept private by the Public Lab non-profit organization. Please fill this out carefully! Separate your address onto multiple lines for Address Line 1, Address Line 2, etc.
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About the Riffle Order
This is the most recent version of the Riffle_328, which is the same as the Riffle Beta released in 2016.

Associated Costs
You will also need:
* Battery, with JST connector: ~$10 (example: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1781)
* MicroSD card: ~$5
* Installing the Bootloader (requires a $15 specialized cable: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9825)

See this discussion thread for more context: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/plots-waterquality/KaXBC89RfaA/discussion

Optional: If you would like to share your general geographic information and be contacted about possible future local events in that area, please list what city/state/watershed/other/etc you identify with:
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Optional: Help people find the Riffle!
If you think somebody you know might be interested in the Riffle? Let them know! If you refer someone, we'll send you something cool as thanks.
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