Implementation of the PYP and its Impact on your Children- Parent Feedback
We value your thoughts and ideas about how well we are implementing the Primary Years Programme (our curriculum framework) at TIS and its impact on your children.

Currently we are in a year of self reflection and are evaluating our strengths and areas of growth and your perceptions are extremely important to us as we believe in partnerships for learning between the parents, students and teachers.

Mission and Vision: how well does our mission and vision support that of the IB?
Not very well
Very well
Commitment: how well does the community understand and support the PYP approach to learning?
International Mindedness: how well does the school support the development of the attributes of the learning profile among the whole community?
Responsible Action: how well does the school support responsible action within and beyond the community?
Open Communication: how well does the school support open communication based on understanding and respect?
Multilingualism: how much importance is placed on language learning including host country, mother tongue and other languages?
Physical and virtual environments: how well do the resources, equipment and spaces support the implementation of the PYP?
Library: how well does the library support the implementation of the PYP?
Local and Global Issues: how much access do students have to global issues and diverse perspectives?
Student support: how well does the school support students with different learning styles/needs?
Counselling: how strong are the school counselling systems?
Community: how well does the school utilize the resources and expertise in the community to support learning?
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