Religious Education Registration
In order to complete the registration for your child, you must complete the following steps:

1. Complete Registration Form
2. Complete Medical Treatment Form, print, sign and turn in to parish office
3. Make a down payment on tuition to secure your child's seat in class

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Child's Information
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Please indicate the day you prefer to attend class and the grade the child is entering. Please note that the Tuesday - Grade 6 class is closed.
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Parents' Information
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Emergency Contacts
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Child's Sacramental Information
Sacraments Completed *
For each sacrament completed, please indicate year and parish below.
Baptism - Year
Baptism - Parish
Please include name of parish and city
Communion - Year
Communion - Parish
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Reconciliation - Year
Reconciliation - Parish
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Confirmation - Year
Confirmation - Parish
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I would like to help during Religious Education:
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Parental Faith Commitment
I understand by registering my child for Religious Education Classes that my parental responsibilities include:
1. Attendance at Sat./Sun. Mass at St. Peter Church with my child.
2. At home assistance with prayer memorization.
3. At home assistance with Sacrament preparation.
4. Non-compliance with any of the above may be cause for dismissal from the Program and/or non-admittance to Program the following year.

I grant my permission for photographs of my child to be used by the Religious Education Program for the 2018 - 2019 school year. All pictures will remain anonymous.

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