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We only take submissions to the library that we know the author(s) has allowed to be displayed. We respect that zines are a personal medium, so if you have a zine of some one elses' you want to submit, we'll need to know they're okay with it first. If you want to submit your own zine anonymously, please still leave a form of contact so we can check the zine is yours!
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Confused? These licenses are listed from most free at the top to most restrictive at the bottom, and then just our standard default Library copyright.
There are some handy tables below. I know it seems a hassle but we just want to make sure you're happy with how your work is being used. If you really don't have a preference, just check the default public library copyright! We will do our best to make sure your copyright preference is respected, including clearly labelling it in our library but by submitting your zine you accept the risks that come with having zines in a public space. We hope thats ok!
If relevant or possible, can you give us a short blurb about your zine to better help us understand it?
What pre-existing Category would you put your zine in? (This is a list of all the categories currently in the library - if your zine fits into one of them, great! If not don't worry, we can make a new category!)
If none of these, what category should your zine go into?
Are there any other categories or tags that could be applied to the zine to help people interested in particular topics find it?
Is there ANYTHING else you want us to know?
I give permission for an image of my zine (with attribution) to be used for promotional purposes by the Zine Library (for example, in instagram posts) *
I understand that by submitting my zine(s) to the Edinburgh Zine Library, I am giving physical ownership of this particular single issue of the zine or zines to the Library. I give permission for the zine(s) to be included in the physical Library as well as an image (front cover) and blurb of the zine to be included in an online catalogue. I understand the Library will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and copyright of my submitted zine, and that I can withdraw my zine from the collection at any time. *
Thank you so much for your submission!
The library wouldn't exist without the generosity of zine-sters like you! We're not sending out badges at the minute, as we've not got the digital infrastructure at the moment to feel comfortable collecting folks addresses, but if you really want one, send us an email at edinburghzinelibrary@gmail.com or DM us on facebook or insta and we'll sort you out!! <3
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