MWMC Rules Quiz 2018-2
Each question is worth 1 point. The entry with the most points wins $35 on the books at Maplewood G.C. For point ties, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

Help with the answers can be found in the MWGC Local Rulings, the Rules of Golf Book, Golf magazines, and on or

Choose wisely.
Will Reynolds - Rules Chairman

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1. You’ve gotten a new distance/slope range finder. You’re told it’s fully legal for play. Can you use the distance/slope functions in MWMC competition play? *
Your tee shot comes to rest on a cart path. Your relief is: *
3. Players A & B are sharing a cart. A gets out to play his shot to the green. B moves the cart to the far side of the green. A’s sculled shot is deflected by the cart. What’s up with that? *
4. A player leaves the ball marker after replacing their ball. The wind, gravity, or something not due to the player causes the ball to move, change its position. The ball must be replaced to its original position at the ball marker. *
5. Your tee shot goes into an area marked as ground under repair. (Abnormal Ground Condition) Your play is from: *
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