Clovis East Area Community Resource Center Parent Survey
Is your child in the Clovis East Area Transition Program?
What is the primary language spoken at home?
Which school does your child attend?
Are you familiar with the Clovis East Area Community Resource Center (CRC)?
What are the barriers that will keep you from using the Community Resource Center? (Check all that apply)
What services would you like to see offered for your student? (Check all that apply)
What do you currently use for transportation?
Will or would you need transportation to the CRC?
If yes to the previous question, what time and location would work best for pick-up?
Your answer
Do you need help with any of these services? (Mark all that apply)
What is the best way for you to get information? (Mark all that apply)
If we had parent events/classes what day of the week would work best for you?
What time would work best for you?
Would you or anyone you know be interested in information regarding citizenship?
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