IAU Resident Fellow Application
The Institute for American Universities (IAU) is pleased to announce its Resident Fellows Program designed for U.S. faculty wishing to take part in specific program offerings at IAU in Aix-en-Provence, France or Barcelona, Spain as well as continue their own academic research in a European setting.

The Resident Fellows Program promotes the intellectual and cultural exchange between IAU faculty/students and visiting professors on sabbatical leave from their home institutions. The proposed dialogue will enrich the cultural and academic experience of IAU students and faculty alike, and at the same time will give visiting faculty the possibility to use the numerous facilities in Aix-en-Provence or Barcelona for their research and development.

Each semester the Resident Fellow can participate in the IAU program of their choice while offering a series of public lectures in their field of expertise. In addition, Fellows participate in smaller seminars and informal discussions in their field with interested students and IAU faculty while developing their own research during the Fellowship period.

Interested U.S. Faculty may apply for the Resident Fellow position below. Selection is made by the IAU Fellows Committee comprised of:
- Dr. Carl Jubran - President
- Prof. Alan Roberts - Dean of the Marchutz School of Fine Arts and Resident Fellows Committee Chair
- Dr. Leigh Smith - Dean of IAU
- Mr. Kurt Schick, Dean of Admissions and Alumni Affairs, U.S. Office

Application Deadlines
Fall term and/or academic year: May 1 with the Resident Fellow announced by the end of May
Spring term: October 1 with the Resident Fellow announced by the end of October
Summer term: April 1 with the Resident Fellow announced by the end of April

Please also send a copy of your CV and a letter of recommendation from a current or former colleague to Professor Alan Roberts, Chair of the Resident Fellow Committee at alan.roberts@iaufrance.org.

Questions about your application can be sent to Ms. Mouna Benbouazza, Admissions Coordinator & Academic Specialist in IAU's US Office at mouna.benbouazza@iaufrance.org.

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