2018 Bond Presentation Request Form
This form is to be used to request a presentation on the 2018 bond.

City staff will do its best to accommodate as many presentation requests as possible.

A member of the bond team will follow up with an email or phone call once your presentation has been scheduled or if we need additional information. Thank you!
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Please note your first choice date and time here. Any alternative options may be added at the end in the "Additional Information" section. Please note for the purposes of this form, we will only be accepting presentation requests through Election Day (November 6, 2018).
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Please provide the address for your meeting. If you are unsure of location, please respond "not sure."
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Please include whether this is a regular meeting or a meeting scheduled specifically for this topic; an open meeting for all community members vs. a closed meeting just for your group; and any other information about the meeting you feel would be helpful.
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Do you plan to have others presenting at this meeting either for or against the bond? *
City Staff follows a strict education-only policy as it relates to this bond. We cannot be in attendance while advocates are presenting for or against the bond measure; we will have to step out of the room.
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Please list additional potential presentation dates here, as well as any other information you think would be helpful to us.
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