NJHS Application 2019-2020
Hello LILA Students Grades 6-8,
We are excited to invite you to apply for membership in the Lakes International Language Academy
Chapter of National Junior Honor Society! To be considered for membership, you must complete the following
application. Pay careful attention to instructions and deadlines.
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Important Information:
1. Student Evaluation Rubric: This rubric is used in determining the most
qualified students for selection into Lakes International Language Academy Chapter of National Junior Honor Society. Inquire with Jenni Muras or Ms. Taddei for a copy of the rubric.

2. Important Dates: Your complete file is due to Ms. Taddei by Friday, September 20th. Students accepted are required to attend the mandatory meetings.

3. Meeting Attendance: Members are expected to attend all scheduled membership meetings. Members who cannot attend a scheduled meeting must provide a written reason to the Chapter advisors. NJHS will meet once a month. The day of the week will be determined by the group and advisor after the group is selected.

Make sure you follow all directions exactly and pay close attention to deadlines. Late applications will not be considered.

Due date is Friday, September 20th.
Please direct questions to Ms. Taddei (ataddei@mylila.org)
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The NJHS tries to develop good leaders. Your leadership ability is shown by the “extra” activities you
are involved in, whether you hold an office or not. Please list activities in which you have participated
and note any major accomplishments in each. (You many include sports teams, scouting, clubs, etc.)
Activities and Accomplishments: (please write in list format: volleyball, head of the gardening club, etc.) *
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Service to the community is the major activity of our NJHS. List any service activities you have done
with school, church, family, or community groups. Do NOT list anything in which you may have
received any monetary compensation.
Service Description and Approx. Hours: (write as a list: Feed my Starving Children (2 hours), Habitat for Humanity (35 hours), etc.) *
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Subjective Letter:
-Explain how you currently represent the characteristics (character, scholarship,
leadership, service, citizenship) of NJHS (0 - 5 points)
(1 point for each characteristic).
-Explain how you can use your qualities to contribute to NJHS (0 - 5 points).
-Overall quality of writing (0-5 points)
Subjective Letter (15 points possible): *
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Signature Section:
By choosing the option "I understand and agree", you are signing this application and approving it for review by NJHS admin.
I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee placement into the National Junior Honor Society at LILA. *
I certify that all information given on this application is true and correct and I did not receive aid/assistance, beyond the help of my parents, in completing this application. *
I understand that if I am not able to uphold the responsibilities established by the NJHS that I may be dismissed from the chapter. *
I will uphold all responsibilities of the National Junior Honor Society. Included in these responsibilities but not necessarily limited thereto are the following:
1. Regular attendance at meetings *
2. Uphold the characteristics (character, scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship) established by the NJHS. *
3. Completion of both the in-school and out of school community service hours *
4. Participation in any school wide project(s) *
5. Pay the registration fee of $50 *
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