Customer Satisfaction Survey
We love to hear from our clients! Head Above Water is committed to superior customer service and we value your feedback. We appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to tell us about your experience with Head Above Water. If there is ever any way we can improve your experience please let us know, either by including the feedback in this survey or contacting us at or 310-867-9282. See you in the pool!
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Tell Us About Your Experience with the HAW Office Staff
Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following statements about the staff at the HAW office (the individuals you communicate with regarding scheduling, etc).
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Please let us know anything else about your experience with the HAW office staff.
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Tell Us About Your Experience with your Swim Instructor(s)
Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following statements about the swim instructors you have worked with.
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Please elaborate on your experience with your HAW swim instructor(s). We would love to get a 1-3 sentence review of your instructor to potentially post to their bio on our website!
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Final Questions
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What are your favorite things about Head Above Water? We would love to get a review of your experience with HAW to potentially post to our testimonials page on our website!
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What is your least favorite thing about Head Above Water?
We won't take it personally! We always want to improve our services and we value any feedback you might have about aspects of our service that need improvement.
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Do you have any suggestions on how to make the HAW experience even better?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know so that we can continue to provide you and our other clients with excellent service?
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