Potential Y6 Shugborough Interest Form
Due to recent changes in Government guidance, we are increasingly optimistic about the possibility of being able to offer a residential experience at Shugborough. We already have a provisional date booked (WB 7th June) and are keen to gauge interest and opinions about the possibility of the trip going ahead.

We understand that you may have concerns, and we would like to stress that at this point we cannot confirm that the trip will definitely go ahead. Likewise, your completion of this form does not commit you one way or another.

We are keen to understand exactly how you are feeling about this possibility so please be as full and honest as possible with your answers. We really appreciate you taking the time to complete the form.

The form results will be viewed by school staff and they will take into account any points raised.

The Year 6 Team.
Name of Child/Children *
I would be happy for my child/children to attend the Shugborough residential. *
Do you have any comments or questions about the trip at this point? *
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