2017 In Review with Michael Laffey Life Coach
Welcome! It's time for a little bit of annual reflection.

Before we close out this year and embark on the year ahead there's a lot to be learned and gained by recollecting what has happened over the last twelve months.

By taking a little time to reflect upon both our good and, shall we say, more challenging experiences we become increasingly self-aware and empowered to trust in ourselves, appreciate our support network, observe how we operate at our best and what it takes for us to buckle up when the going gets tough when it comes to new or ongoing goals.

Think of it as defining your optimal ecosystem.

I hope you enjoy this review and the insights it provides you.

All responses are anonymous and feel free to forward this to anyone you think might find it useful. The email address you provide is for you to receive your responses.

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What happened in 2017? *
I guarantee you that you have already forgotten half of what happened this year. Take a few minutes to flick through calendars and photos to jog your memory of what took place, when and where, who you met with and the important moments for you. Then jot them down here.
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What were your aims for 2017? *
List any goals or objectives you set out to achieve this year. Consider the key areas where we like to make changes and progress (personal development, relationships, career, home life, friendships, health, community and our environment), What were your aims?
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What made you happy this year? *
Consider your achievements, new experiences, meeting new people, being in new places, re-connecting with old connections and places, fun times and where your hard work paid off.
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What did not come to fruition for you this year? *
Here we acknowledge some of the stuff that didn't play out as we have may have wanted it to. Why did they did not happen how you would have liked? Consider circumstances, resources, external forces, levels of wellbeing, etc. Reminder: be kind to yourself and be observant, not critical
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What are you most proud of this year? *
Considering your goals, achievements and challenges over the last year, what two or three things shine through and make you proud? Remember yourself in this answer :)
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