Madison C-3 School Title II Parent Survey
The purpose of Title II is to increase student academic achievement through strategies such as improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classroom and highly qualified administrators in the district. Highly qualified educators have attained the minimum level of education required and hold a valid certificate issued by the Missouri Department of Education.

Title II funds can be used for teacher and school leader professional development, recruitment, retention and/or other non-instructional costs.

In the past we have used Title II funds to supplement our Title I resources.

This survey will assist school leaders in assessing the needs of our school and to determine the best use of Title II program funds.
Which group(s) do you consider yourself to be a member of? (Select all that apply)
Please check each grade level that your children will attend in the 2020-21 school year. (Please select all that apply)
My child(ren) participate in the following programs at school (please select all that apply)
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