EVS-workshop: Sustainable lifestyle - Expectations vs. reality
You have definitely heard someone judging you for taking a plastic bag in the shop, eating sausage instead of vegetarian option of just not caring enough about environmental issues.
But have you met anyone paying attention to your try to recycle, use second hand clothes instead of buying new ones or walking some kilometers to work for refusing to drive short distance?
According to my ideology, it all starts with encouraging and leading by example, not with judging.

In this workshop we will compare expectations and reality of environmental friendly lifestyle and discuss about actual topics as zero waste, minimalism and recycling. You will get familiar with method of the three R's and have a chance to share with others your ingenious tips for decreasing an ecological footprint.

Workshop takes place in Dom Quo Vadis on 26th of June at 18:30.
Thank you for your interest!

e.kurikkala@gmail.com / Eeva Kurikkala, EVS-volunteer
eds@dobrovolnictvoba.sk / Lukas Horvatovic, EVS-coordinator

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