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We at the Breaud Insurance Agency are excited for the opportunity to quote your new or existing boat or yacht. We enjoy everything to do with the marine lifestyle and hope to be able to provide a solution that fits in your need and budget.

Please fill this quote form out so that we can submit to our insurance carriers and quote your boat. This process usually takes 10-15 minutes on average. If you don't have the information you need at the moment, please make a note in the appropriate field and we can follow up with you.

The Breaud Insurance Agency values your privacy. The information taken in this form will not be sold or in any other way distributed by us or our agents. This form is built through Google Forms and is subject to their own usage agreement. If you feel uncomfortable with filling it out, please feel free to call us to review over the phone or email for a PDF version.

-Alec Breaud, Breaud Insurance Agency
Why don't I get an instant quote like some other sites? And why so many questions?
Because instant numbers, while satisfying, don't always reflect the correct rate or coverage for your particular situation. Boat insurance, unlike cars, is incredibly specialized and rates are heavily dependent on many factors. This is a very specialized type of insurance and the carriers are constantly changing their appetite for it. We used to offer an instant quote, but found it hurt more than help.

Think of us like a concierge service. We take this info to all the carriers on your behalf so you don't have to. If you already have shopped on your own, it's still worth us digging through the other carriers. It's not fun to watch your instant number change when you go to bind coverage.
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