CU Gaming Staff Application
This form is for prospective Staff members and should only be filled out by those interested in said role.

This role serves as an entry point to the organization and does not require anything other than a passion for gaming or esports.

Within this role you will be placed onto one or more teams and work with the Director(s) of said team(s) to further the club. Positions within each team are fluid due to the grass-roots nature of the organization.

Teams currently: Administration, Community, Esports, Events, Media, Marketing, & Partnerships.

The main responsibilities of this role are as follows:

- Participating in discussions about the future of the club during weekly online staff meetings and monthly in-person staff events.
- Taking part in the planning and execution of events for the community.
- Represent the club and community in a professional manner to the public and partners.
- Answering questions from potential members about our organization.
- Execute to your fullest potential what your Director(s) assigns to you.
- Minimum of 5-10 hours of 'work' per week.

Examples of stuff you might do:
- Work with a team to plan and execute an event idea.
- Put together great posters that will be on every wall on campus.
- Have discussions with administration about garnering support for our organization.
- Handle one of our esports teams in their quest for dominance.
- Meme behind-the-scenes about that one guy in Discord who always posts in #osu.

Why should you be involved with the staff?

- Great opportunity to work with one of the largest clubs at CU and definitely add something that catches recruiters' eyes.
- Create meaningful connections with big players in the industry like Blizzard, Riot, NVidia, and more.
- Gain relevant experience and work on the team you want to work with. Whatever major you are, there is definitely something you could apply it to.
- Make a ton of friends through our awesome community!

If you have any questions please reach out to Joshua "fastrr" on Discord or Email -

If you believe you can handle the responsibilities above, please click next below.
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