Application for Supporting Youth Recovery Enhanced CRS Program
***The next 17 week class is scheduled January 27 - May 19, 2018. The trainings will be held every Saturday at the PRO-ACT Recovery Training Center, 444 N. 3rd Street, Suite 307, Philadelphia, PA 19123.***

The Supporting Youth Recovery Enhanced CRS program prepares peer paraprofessionals to obtain the Pennsylvania Certification Board CRS credential and to provide peer-based addiction recovery support services to children, adolescents, transition-age youth, young adults and their families.

This program is designed specifically for individuals who are looking to enter the behavioral health to support young people.

Entry into the Supporting Youth Recovery CRS program is competitive, with all selected applicants receiving a full scholarship into the program. To that end, please take your time with answering the questions below as it is based on these applications that individuals are selected to be called in for an interview.
Please note that not all applicants will be selected for an interview.

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