Eat.Sleep.Knit. Puzzle 2019 - Q3 Summer Roadtrip: USA (3)
For Q3, all locations will be a City & State for our Summer Roadtrip: USA theme! There are so many fun roadside attractions in the United States so let's all hop in the ESK-mobile and enjoy a summer of learning new USA landmarks! If you've forgotten how to play or are new to the game, read through this explanation:
Walter has been bamboozled by an international robot of mystery who steals his yarn and holds it ransom. Each week, the robot sends him 2 pictures: a photo clue of where his yarn is and a picture of the poor stolen skein. Help Walter find his wool by identifying the location (city & country/state) and the yarn (base & color) so the ESK Kitties can rescue the stolen skein in their hot air balloon. If you correctly identify both the location and the yarn, you will earn 50 yards! Answers must be submitted by Friday at Midnight Eastern & correct answers will be awarded by Monday at Noon Eastern - good luck!
Some images may appear distorted due to the shape of Walter's clue board.
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