YOU DESERVE JUSTICE!                                              San Francisco Petty Court Docket Application
Does your roommate refuse to clean the bathroom? Did your coworker steal your lunch? Are your friends talking shit about you on the group text? Does your best friend hate your dog? Does your partner always forget to empty the dishwasher? YOU DESERVE JUSTICE!

Forget calling them out on Twitter, now you have the opportunity to have your most petty arguments, conflicts, and disagreements tried in the court of public opinion, IRL… it's time to take them to court - The Petty Court!

We are looking for people to submit their petty squabbles to us so we can select the most ridiculous, frivolous, inessential indignations and re-enact them in a live show in San Francisco where our judge - and the audience - will determine the outcome!

Each show, the winner of the court case will receive a prize, and a life of glory.

We know life can be stranger than fiction, so the only requirement is that your tale of petty drama is 100% true.

If you’re interested in submitting your story, please complete this form.

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