2020 NHSUA 3 Umpire Quiz
Answer all these questions following the NHSUA protocols
and mechanics. Assume that all NHSUA mechanics are being followed
even if not mentioned here. This is a short opportunity to get into
the manual and read up on the mechanics.
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One out, No runners on base. B2 hits a base hit to leftfield. What is the correct mechanic for U1.
Base umpires should chase all fly balls to the outfield within his/her coverage area.
When U1 starts from a counter rotation position there will be rotation.
R1 on 2nd base R2 on 1st base. B3 hit a ground ball to the outfield. The plate umpire should.
NFHS 3-man umpire system allows base umpires to stay on the rim instead of coming inside the diamond to button hook on balls hit to the outfield.
At the start of the game, Base umpires should assume a position outside the base lines about 18-21 feet behind 1st and 3rd bases.
R1 on 1st base the plate umpire has fly ball to the outfield coverage from the leftfielder up to dead-ball territory
No outs, R1 on 3rd base and R2 on 2nd base B3 hits a fly ball to centerfield U1 does not chase the fly ball to centerfield. The centerfielder catches the fly ball for the 1st out. What is the correct tag up responsibility for U1 and U3.
When U1 rotates home in foul ground for a possible play at the plate. Which is the correct 3-man mechanic.
No runners on base, B1 hits a ground ball to the outfield. The plate umpire should come out from behind home to the holding zone and read the play. Responsible for any play at 3rd base.
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