Blockdrop Holder Registration
This Is quick and simple form to register yourself as holder to receive 40% fees dividends. Only registered BDP Holders Will receive dividends. After Blockdrop Dapp main-net launch Holders can withdraw dividends from dapp anytime by logging in with metamask and registered ethereum address
*Now register as early holder and get 10% extra dividend (50%). Only few early holders can register as early holders after 5 ethers early holder registration will be closed and every other holder have to get BDP from exchanges after 24 July at expensive rates so get in early to get cheap BDP and to earn more dividend fee in ETH as more BDP youhold more dividends you receive.
Get Blockdrop Token (BDP) Token
First step is to get BDP token from exchanges where BDP token is trading But BDP token is not launched yet in exchanges and launching soon So Blockdrop is offering chance to become early hodler with amazing rewards.
Early Holder Reward
Blockdrop early hodler reward is offer for anyone be early hodler and as a reward Blockdrop giving-away BDP token at insanely cheap rates for only few first users as our main goal is only 5 ethereum . After raising 5 Ethers our smart contract will stop accepting ethers and all ethers sent after reaching the goal of 5 ether will be returned to users automatically so that's why it's called early hodler reward as only few first will be able to get it , so get in before our is goal is reached . Blockdrop is offering huge amount (10% of total supply to few early adopters) because BDP tokens total supply is very low (only 50000)

Blockdrop token total supply = Only 50000

Reserved for early hodler = 5000

Rate = 1000 BDP/eth rate

Early hodler get insanely cheap 1000 BDP for only 1 ethereum rate . Total 5000 coin supply is reserved for early adopters They are initially getting 10% of total supply of BDP tokens . BDP tokens will be sent automatically to early holders . This offer could reach it's goal of 5 ethers in few hours so get in as quick as possible . if you send ether to smart contract after goal reached don't worry your ethers will be returned automatically back toy your ethereum account .

Step1 : Receive BDP Tokens

To receive insanely cheap BDP tokens send minimum 0.1 ether and maximum 1 ether to BDP contract address (Don't send more then 1 ether)


After sending you will automatically receive BDP tokens based on 1000 BDP /eth rate .
To see them you need to add custom token details
Token BDP
After checking click next for step 2 and enter your ethereum address from which you send ether to get registered as early hodlers .

Step2: Register your ethereum address which is holding BDP tokens
You Need ethereum address which you control , like get ethereum address from metamask or myetherwallet wallet . This will be used check how much BDP token you hold and will receive Dividends payouts in eth on that ethereum address automatically . no further action required after registering your etherum address except hodling !
Ethereum Address *
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