Happy and Health Valley - Continuing the Conversation
Friends of the Mad River recently sponsored a two-part workshop, entitled ‘A Happy & Healthy Valley,’ to encourage cooperation, enhance communications, and integrate our community’s actions towards achieving long-term goals for the Mad River Valley. Working with Regenesis Group, over 50 people participated online in both sessions. Thank you to everyone who dug in together!

Now, as a next step, Friends of the Mad River offers a deeper dive with 8-10 two-hour workshops facilitated by Regenesis that will help a smaller group “build muscle” for public involvement and achievement of shared goals for the MRV.

If there is sufficient interest and commitment Friends will sponsor this smaller group’s work with Regenesis, starting in the first months of 2021 and meeting monthly or more often. The group will explore the Mad River Valley and its potential as a way to learn and develop participant's individual and group capacity in Regenerative Development Practices.

We are asking participants to commit to:
8 - 10 two-hour sessions once a month or more often.
Homework between sessions, including readings and exercises
Engaging in large and small group conversations
Dedication to learning a different way of thinking and working, including being open to having our comfortable assumptions challenged
Not knowing

If you are interested in this opportunity and able to commit to this level of engagement please fill out this form by December 21st.

If you are unable to participate at this level rest assured that there will be other opportunities to engage in other ways and at other levels of commitment.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and for dreaming with us!
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Can you commit to:
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Are there any hurdles to your participation that you would like to share? If so, do you have any ideas for ways we might be able to help?
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