BioArt: Museum & Galleries Survey Questionnaire
We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire.
BioArt as a new art form, which is associated with different forms of life, raises many debates, controversies, conflicts, approbation or disapprobation. However, research outlining the impact of BioArt exhibitions to the public has not been extensively conducted.
TEI of Athens, in collaboration with researchers from Columbia University  and the Panteion University of Athens, has launched  a research project entitled “BioArt: Borders and definitions. Research project for the development of a widely accepted deontological framework of its production and management”. One of the main objectives of the project is to identify whether the institutional bodies and entities in possession of Bioart and biological materials operate under specific ethical and legal regulations.
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Museum Information
Museum/Gallery Name
Year Founded
Mailing Address
Telephone No
Fax No
Website (URL)
Museum Curator
Contact Information
Contact Name
Contact Title
1. The Museum/Gallery is:
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2. The Museum/Gallery is administered by:
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3. Does the Museum/Gallery operate under specific “Collection & Exhibit Standards”?
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3a. If Yes please specify as if there is any website where this information is announced and please submit a copy of the museum’s/gallery’s “Collection and Exhibition standards”
Bioart Collections
4. Does your Museum/Gallery host/display BioArt works?
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5. If YES Indicate what biological materials do you host.
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Please specify as detailed as possible (and go to Q7).
6. if NO Reasons for not displayed BioArt: (tick as many as apply)
(please specify here)
7. Do your national laws require you to carry specific license to hold and exhibit BioArt works?
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7a. If Yes, please specify here
8. If you hold/own BioArt work(s) do they belong to a permanent or to a temporary exhibition?
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9. Do you alert your public that your exhibition contains biological material prior to the entrance of the exhibition?
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9a.Please specify or explain the reasons here.
10. Do you have the necessary infrastructure to host living organisms?
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10a. If Yes, please specify here.
Management and Ethics
11. Does the Museum/Gallery operate under specific policy?
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11a. If yes, please indicate in which of the following sectors your museum/gallery operates under specific policy in reference to biological materials :
Please submit a copy of the museum’s/gallery’s policy
12. Who do you think should have the right and bear the responsibility to determine what the fate of the specific BioArt object will be after its pubic exhibit? (tick as many as apply)
13. What do you think the trajectory of BioArt works should be? (tick only one box)
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14. Have your exhibits ever been met with disagreement and reactions from any social groups or individuals?
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14a. If Yes, please specify briefly
15. Please write any additional comments you may have.
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