Spring 2018 BUS 300 add or change request form
You must fill this out if you want to ADD or CHANGE a section of BUS 300.

Add codes for BUS 300 are distributed centrally to make the process easier for students and faculty. Please complete this form in order to request an add code. Priority will be given to students closer to graduation.

IMPORTANT: By submitting this form, you are agreeing to give up whatever spot you currently occupy in BUS 300. If you do not withdraw from the class yourself, you will be dropped by the instructor. If you do not notify us that you will not be using an assigned spot, you will get lower priority for the add process the following semester!

Submissions received by 9pm Friday, January 26, will be considered for the first round of adds by Sunday, January 28. If there are additional spots available the following week and instructors are willing, students may still be considered for spots. No add codes will be distributed after the second week of classes.

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Enter the total number of classes (not units) you need to take to graduate, including non-business classes. Include the classes you are taking or hope to take this semester.
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Section availability
For each section, indicate whether you are able to take the class or not. If you are assigned a spot in a section you indicated as "possible" or "available" and then fail to enroll in it, you will lose your spot in the current round of adds. Remember that your odds of getting a spot increase with your increased availability. If you do not indicate that you are currently enrolled in a section when you are, you will lose your spot in the current round of adds.
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Section 1: Clark, MWF 08:10-09:00
Section 2: Clark, MWF 09:10-10:00
Section 3: Glanting, MWF 11:10-12:00
Section 4: Glanting, MWF 12:10-13:00
Section 5: Latham, M 16:10-18:55
Section 6: Powers, M 16:10-18:55
Section 7: Deare, M 16:10-18:55
Section 8: Deare, W 16:10-18:55
Section 9: Latham, W 16:10-18:55
Section 10: Sikula, MWF 13:10-14:00
Section 11: Proboll, F 09:10-11:55
Section 12: Leong, F 12:10-14:55
Section 13: Leong, F 15:10-17:55
Section 14: Garcia, TTh 08:10--09:25
Section 15: Garcia, TTh 09:35-10:50
Section 16: D'alois, TTh 11:00-12:15
Section 17: D'alois, TTh 12:35-13:50
Section 19: Glanting, TTh 14:10-15:25
Section 20: Powers, T 15:35-18:20
Section 21: Garcia, T 15:35-18:20
Section 22: Leyton, Th 15:35-18:20
Section 23: Proboll, M 19:00-21:45
Section 24: De Fridman, M 19:00-21:45
Section 25: Caneda, M 19:00-21:45
Section 26: Powers, T 19:00-21:45
Section 27: Proboll, T 19:00-21:45
Section 28: Maurice, T 19:00-21:45
Section 29: Deare, W 19:00-21:45
Section 30: Proboll, W 19:00-21:45
Section 32: Maurice, W 19:00-21:45
Section 33: Caneda, W 19:00-21:45
Section 34: Leyton, Th 19:00-21:45
Section 35: De Fridman, Th 19:00-21:45
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By clicking the checkbox, you agree that you lose any spot you may currently have in BUS 300 if you are assigned an add code for a different section. Requests without clicked checkboxes will not be considered.
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