Selection Questionnaire
This questionnaire reflects your intentions in investing and the acknowledgment of associated risk levels
Full Name *
Email and mobile number *
What exactly made you decide to become an angel investor? What is your motivation to support the entrepreneur?
What do you see as a result of your financial support in an entrepreneur? What is your main objective?
What is your current occupation?
What is your experience as an entrepreneur? How do you think your investee can benefit from this?
If no entrepreneurial experience: what skills and experience do you have from which an entrepreneur can benefit?
What is the maximum investment you are able and willing to do? What would happen if you would lose the entire investment?
What financial returns do you expect? When do you want to have earned back the investment?
Have you done any previous investments?
Clear selection
If yes: Please list every business, your role in it, and the impact of your investment
Do you have family, friends or other people that have experience with investing in entrepreneurs?
What should be the proximity of the investee?
How do you see the collaboration with the entrepreneur you will invest in? How much time will you be able and willing to spend on the partnership?
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