Remote Employee Self-Evaluation
This is all about you! Your own self-evaluation which will be used in your evaluation process with your supervisor / manager.
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List the key responsibilities for this role since your last evaluation. How would you assess your performance in relation to these responsibilities?
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List your performance objectives determined during your previous appraisal. How would you assess your performance against these goals?
What went well? *
What can you improve on? *
Company Values & Culture
In relation to our culture and core values, how would you evaluate your ability to maintain the culture and values through your daily work?
Work / Life Balance
In this section, please rate where you are currently with maintaining a work / life balance. This is important for us to see whether an employee is overworking so we protect your best interests
Do you often work longer hours than you are supposed to? *
Not really
On a daily basis
Do you feel supported in your in your role? *
Not really
Over Supported
Do you have adequate personal time on a weekly basis? *
Do you often feel disconnected from the team? *
If yes, please let us know why you feel that way
What are the biggest challenges in your role? *
If yes, please describe why you may think that
What improvements can the company make? *
If yes, please describe why you may think that
How would you like your role to develop? *
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