Arduino and AtMega328 datasheet questions
Questions from . ATMEGA328P datasheet is at

You will not be graded on your answers, but you must do this exercise and try to answer these questions and we will compare and discuss the survey results in class.

Quiz must be completed by Friday 3.3.17 before class starts.
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How much SRAM (static random access memory) does the ATmega328P have? This is the memory you can use for variables etc that can be quickly written and read. *
Is there one instruction executed per clock cycle or does it require multiple clock cycles per instruction? *
In what section of the datasheet did you find the information for the previous question? *
What is the maximum system clock frequency? *
figure 28-1
And how does max clock frequency depend on supply voltage? *
What is the maximum power consumption of ATmega328P at clock frequency of 8MHz with 5V supply, with no peripherals enabled? *
section 28.2.4
What is the closest maximum sleep mode current consumption in power-save mode with 32kHz oscillator enabled at VCC=3V? *
What is the start-up time in oscillator cycles from sleep mode, when using external oscillator? *
see section 8.2.2
What is the “initialisation time” for the analog to digital converter (ADC), in ADC clock cycles?
What is the ADC current consumption at VCC=3.3V?
What is the maximum pulse width modulation (PWM) output frequency using 8-bit timer/counter and 16Mhz system clock *
see page 101 of datasheet
What is the maximum PWM output frequency using 16MHz system clock and 50% duty cycle with 16-bit timer/counter? *
see page 128
What is the minimum value of the pull-up resistor on the GPIO (general purpose input-output pins) (when enabled)? *
This pullup resistor pulls the input voltage high when nothing external is pulling down, simplifying PCB designs and allowing "wired-OR" connections to multiple sources.
Does the ATmega family have floating point hardware support? *
Does the ATmega328P have a hardware multiplier? *
Does the Atmega have DSP (Digital Signal Processing) instructions for multiplying, accumulating, and incrementing a pointer in one instruction? *
(very useful for accelerating filtering/dot product operations)
How can you debug your code in Arduino Sketch environment? *
What is the size of an "int" in Arduino Sketch? *
Are ints signed or unsigned? *
What is the best way to declare a constant value in your Sketch program? *
Approximately what is the largest possible volatile 32-bit variable array that you could allocate in SRAM, assuming that you need no other SRAM memory? *
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