Suggest a city for the Forever Still tour!
Do you want Forever Still to play in your city? Well, you're in luck! We book most of our own shows, and we want to go, where you want us to be! Cast a vote for your city+country down below - and if you want, you can fill out the additional info, which would help us out A LOT!

If you are a booker/promoter or similar who want to book us, please contact us at

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Do you want to be part of the street team in your city?
Street teams help us promote an upcoming show in their area, which means more people at the show, which means more fun for everyone (plus, it's more plausible we can come back again)! Saying yes doesn't commit you to do anything - we'll just shoot you an e-mail when we're in the area (and we'll think you're cool)!
Additional info
How many people do you think you could bring to a show? What merch would you like to see? Can you offer lodging or know someone who can (and for how many people)? Anything else you want us to know/other suggestions?
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Specific venue suggestions (optional but helpful)
Do you know of a club or venue where you'd love to see us play? We'd much rather go smaller and have a packed venue than too big and play to a half-empty room. Anything that fits 50-300 people (or more, if you know this club is always packed). If you don't know about numbers, please still leave your suggestion! You do NOT need to answer every question in this section if you don't want to!
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Venue website (if possible)
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Venue connection
Have you seen a similar act play there (who)? Do you know the owner/booker/promoter (we'd love name and contact info!)?
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Venue capacity
How many people? You can give a VERY rough estimate!
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Additional venue info
More than one suggestion? Anything we forgot to ask?
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