WolvHaven Whistleblowing Form
Only use this form to report incidents if you believe opening a ticket via #HelpOp puts yourself at risk. Reports filed via #HelpOp are generally replied to faster, and Staff may be in easier contact with you should additional information be required

All reports will be dealt by staff as soon as possible
Date of incident (in UTC) *
Time of incident (in UTC) *
Please provide a brief description of what happened *
Provide any evidence or additional details
For screenshots & images, you may upload to an image hosting server such as imgur and publish the link here. For discord chats, if it hapened within the WolvHaven discord server, please provide a quote or a link to the specific message in discord.
Your minecraft username
Leave blank if you would prefer to remain anonymous
Case contact phrase *
Please leave a random set of characters/phrases that staff may use to reference in an appeal for information For example: Desert Eagle Phoenix Alpha. Please ensure your contact phrase is within our rules and regulations, otherwise your report may not be processed.
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