UAW 2865 Bargaining Working Groups and Contract Language Proposals
Dear Union Member,

Your UC Student-Workers Union is forming a number of statewide working groups to support our upcoming contract negotiations. These working groups will:

-- Undertake research and draft contract proposals. Are you interested in performing research and sharing insights about the kinds of working conditions and benefits that our union needs?

-- Build coalitions with allied organizations, in the hope of gathering the wealth of existing knowledge and experience in our communities to create powerful, collaborative demands. Are you part of organizations, committees, or groups that share our vision for a just, equitable, and healthy working environment? Are you interested in building a broad and powerful base working toward a UC for all?

-- Connect members across campuses in support the union’s ongoing anti-oppression organizing work, as we envision and build a better future for all student workers. What are your needs in an upcoming contract, and how can we incorporate them? Do you want to collaborate with fellow student workers at other UC campuses to ensure that everyone's needs are represented at the negotiating table?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we would love to collaborate with you in a working group! As a member of a Working Group, you can help with any or all of the tasks described above.

Here is a list of the initial Working Groups (we may form new WGs as negotiations proceed, and you have the opportunity to propose a new topic cluster in the form below):

ACADEMIC QUALITY WORKING GROUP: Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions! This working group will research and write contract language for articles that most directly affect the quality of education that our students receive. It will make sure that ASEs have the preparation and time necessary to do their work and are classified properly in status and position. This includes issues such as workload, class size, staffing levels, allocation, and tutor-specific work concerns.

COMPENSATION, FEES, AND HOUSING JUSTICE WORKING GROUP: This working group will conduct research into the ASE wage rates across the UC system and will compare these rates to UC’s peer institutions and the cost of housing. It will also examine the unwaived fees being charged to ASEs. We will use this research to formulate contract proposals regarding compensation, fees, and greater access to affordable and safe housing options.

DIVESTMENT WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language aiming to develop socially responsible investment/divestment policies and financial policies that prioritize human rights, social development, and environmental protection. These demands include that the UC divest from companies that profit from police militarization, fossil fuels, and armed occupation, and to ensure police demilitarization on our own campuses.

HEALTH, SAFETY, AND LEAVES WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language aiming to enhance rights of ASEs to work in a safe environment, expand healthcare options and services, increase campus accessibility and resources, and improve all types of paid leave. Particular attention will be paid to enhancing support and accessibility for ASEs with disabilities, expanding paid parental leave to include all genders, establishing all gender bathrooms in all campus buildings, dependent and partner healthcare, and the right to work in environment free from white supremacist speakers and police violence.

DEMILITARIZATION/DISARM UC WORKING GROUP: This working group, which grew out of the Health, Safety, and Leaves Working Group, will be focused on our union’s goals to demilitarize and disarm the UC, ensuring a safer and healthier working environment for ASEs. We will be conducting research, developing stronger coalitions with our communities and allies, and crafting new article language to ensure student workers are better protected from police violence and discriminatory policing practices. This group will be working closely with the Health & Safety, Sanctuary Campus, and Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment working groups. If you would like to join this working group or if you would ever like to contact us, email

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language aiming to improve resources for ASEs affected by changes to immigration law, travel bans, and/or Executive Orders. It will discuss ways to combat discriminatory fees, such as international residency and language fees and non-residential supplemental tuition, which disproportionately affect international students. The group is also open to any other topics group members want to take up!

NON-DISCRIMINATION, ANTI-HARASSMENT, AND ACCESSIBILITY WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language for all articles that address anti-discrimination, equity, and accessibility in the workplace, including all issues pertaining to identity-based discrimination, police violence, UCPD militarization, queer and trans issues, disability justice, and gender-based violence and harassment.

SANCTUARY CAMPUS WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language to expand protections and support for undocumented and resident students at UC. This includes protection from discrimination, harassment, unlawful search and seizure, and deportation or detention. This also includes increasing financial and pedagogical support to all undocumented students regardless of work-permit status, with the goal of establishing equity among all student workers.

STUDENT PARENT WORKING GROUP: This working group is focused on expanding access & increasing the current benefits, including but not limited to increasing paid leaves, expanding childcare reimbursement (and for multiple children) & expanding access to affordable childcare (including funding opportunities for on-campus and other childcare that the UC has access to), comprehensive health care, and ensuring the lactation accommodations in our contract are upheld without retaliation. We also hope to expand the definition and recognition of different families and care relationships, and to support institutional and cultural changes centered on members' lived experiences, which are culturally appropriate. We are committed to working towards new benefits to support families, including but not limited to: housing, expanding health care, life insurance, living wages, and coverage for infertility & reproductive technologies. This group is open to parents, caregivers, those in families, and allies.

UNION POWER WORKING GROUP: This working group will research and write contract language aiming to improve resources, procedures, and rights for union representational activities.

If you are interested in helping us write new language for our contract, check out this resource, which outlines the contract articles that correspond to the working groups described above:

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