Heart to Heart: Wednesday Evening Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Heart to Heart's NEW Wednesday Evening volunteer shift! We are collecting initial interest and will reach out to you with more details. Questions? Contact Rev. Sarah Kientz at skientz@fcchurch.com.
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Age *
This gives us a sense of age groups interested. Feel free to put an age range ("30's") or info on the ages of your family members ("I am the parent of a 6th grader who wants to volunteer, too.")
Have you volunteered at Heart to Heart before? *
Between now and November, are you able to volunteer at Heart to Heart during existing volunteer hours? (http://h2h.fcchurch.com/volunteer-opportunities/)
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What times would you be able to volunteer on Wednesday evenings? Select all that apply. *
This is helpful in determining pantry hours.
Is there a time slot you prefer? Let us know your thoughts on evening volunteer hours.
If Heart to Heart had Wednesday evening volunteer hours, I would most likely volunteer there...
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What other thoughts, ideas, questions, or help can you provide?
Let us know if you've worked at other food pantries, if you plan to volunteer with your child (include their age), if you are in school, or if you're skilled at organizing, building, using technology, lifting heavy boxes, or other areas in which you could provide assistance.
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