The Academic Resource Center (ARC) Tutor/Academic Coach Request Form
Fill out the form below if you are requesting a tutor or academic coach. Use a separate form for each course that you are requesting a tutor for.

Tutor request forms are processed twice a week for the first 7 weeks of the semester.

If a tutor does not contact you in a timely manner, please inform the ARC staff at or stop and see Linda in the ARC.

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CPMC Program Participant *
What is your CPMC advisor/counselors name? *
Only if you selected "Other" in the question above, please record the name below of your counselor.
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Course- Please put only one course per request form *
Example: Academic Coach or PSY 101, MTH 141
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Include times and days available for tutoring appointments: *
The ARC is open: Monday- Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm, and Sunday 3pm-8pm. Be accurate with your time so tutors can create appointments by your availability. The more times you have the easier it is to get connected to a tutor.
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Statement of Understanding *
Once I am assigned a tutoring appointment, I must come prepared, with all textbooks, notes, and questions. I know my tutor is not a substitute for my instructor and will not to do my homework, assignments or projects for me. I must notify the ARC or my tutor in advance if I cannot make a tutoring appointment and understand that missed appointments could result in the loss of my tutoring privileges. By placing my initials in the box below I verify that I have read and understood this statement.
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