Avatud Ühiskond MTÜ - Feedback

Dear friends, colleagues, participants

We are delighted to having you on board with our Erasmus+ project. We would like to disseminate the results of the project, receive some feedback, hear about your expectations, fears and hopes that you had before the project and what will be the outcome after the project.

Please find some time to fill in the form. If you feel that this form is pushing you into a box, you can also write an short essay (2 A4). We will sincerely appreciate all your feedback.

This feedback can, might and probably will be used in the sending organizations' blog and in the dissemination plan of the organizers.
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The name of the participant
The name of the project
Please describe yourself. Try to outline your main characteristics so that the reader can understand who You are. State your name, age, city or settlement, where you study / work, what you like to do, what are your hobbies or what are your best personal qualities?
Erasmus+ projects are always inspired by a theme or a problem: either racism, environmentalism, active participation in society, refugee crisis, climate change etc. What was your project theme and what kind of problem were you trying to resolve? Please extend, what was the most important or relevant thing you learnt in terms of the project theme?
Erasmus+ projects are based on non-formal learning. Please describe the activities, learning methods, methodology or some thoughts that you took with yourself from the project. Generally, the projects consist of energizers, team-building games, reflection sessions, workshops, dances, drama-tehniques such as theatre-plays etc. Please describe your own personal learning process.
Intercultural learning. The project was held in a entirely different cultural sphere, the participants were from all around the Europe. Please describe what you learnt about other cultures, countries, people, their traditions, food etc. If you had free days or field-trips before/after/during the project, please describe those as well. What was the most interesting things you learnt about other cultures?
Please describe the fears, hopes and expectations you had before the project. Please extend, how do you reflect on those fears, hopes and expectations after the end of the project?
Please describe your feelings and emotions after the end of the project. How did the project make you feel in your heart?
Please describe on how the environment, your travel-buddies, other participants have influenced your experience. What was the general mood in the national group?
Is there anyone who should really be pointed out for their effort - hosting organization, sending organization, group leader, facilitators or just someone with a really warm personality?
If you feel that you want to share anything else - please, here's your stage!
Would you recommend taking part in such a project to your family member, friend or to someone else?
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Please send all the pictures you took during the trip to info@uhiskond.ee (as attachment, as a google photos folder, wetransfer) or via Facebook.
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