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One of the founding goals of our organization is to establish contact with entrepreneurs in Serbia, identify the most promising startups and entrepreneurs, and help provide them an initial bridge into Silicon Valley. If you are the founder of a startup in Serbia and are interested in getting in touch with the Serbian Entrepreneurs organization in Silicon Valley, please provide a 1-4 sentence response to each of the questions below.
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Your company operates in what market sector (consumer, enterprise, fin-tech, health, etc)?
Who are your target costumers?
What is your company tag line (in 30 words)
What are people forced to do now that will no longer be necessary once you make what you're building?
Why has what you're making not already been done? (tied to next question)
What has made it possible to do this now?
What makes your team especially qualified to do this?
Who are the team members: name, founder or employee, age, degree(s), past/current employer(s)?
Tell us something about each member that indicates a high level of ability? (1-2 sentences each)
How will your company make money?
How big is the market you're targeting?
Who are your main competitors or potential competitors and how does your product differentiate from theirs?
If all goes well, how big can the company be in 5 years?
What progress have you made so far? (links to demos, videos, websites are useful)
How long have you been working on it and how much funding / from where have you received?
What are the most important missing pieces to fill in your team?
What is the focus of the next phase for your company?
How can we help you now (list up to three main things)? Last question
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