Explore your well-being potential!
You are about to take part in a survey, cosists of 8 very brief inventories, with specific subject of study, which cover a range of human qualities and skills. Psychologists believe that most of these properties are essentials to our personality development, how they contribute to the emotional balance and overall satisfaction with the accomplished in our lives. Every inquiry reffers to the authors and their scientific article.

The main goal of this cross-cultural survey is to gather as much data as can, but also to study and compare results between bulgarians and worldwide ones.

Your participation is completely anonymous and data is collected for scientific purposes only. The purpose of the study is to determine whether these short inventories are reliable and valid (apprehensible and appropriate) for Bulgarians and English speakers, and to what degree they are sensitive to our judgements. Many people would think that they are aware of themselves fairly enough and do not need to go deep and elaborater their personal assets. One possible effect that you may feel while participating in this survey is to use the refrence points to reflect about yourself, your relationships with others, own qualities and social aspects that you do not pay attention so much during your daily routine.

Each scale (section) in the survey consists of an introductory statement, accompanied by a brief guideline how to evaluate every statement. Each scale uses different values. That shouldn't bother you at all. Let your answer be stright as much as possible. Sometimes you may found that there is similarity between how much a certain quality is desired or desirable by you, and what actually is. I hope the choice would be closer to the reality.

Your results will be available up to 24 hours at: https://testrain.info/download/wellbeing.xls
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