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Re: Invitation to join Sudanese American Physician Association (SAPA)

Dear Colleagues;
It is our pleasure to invite you to join Sudanese American Physician Association (SAPA).
SAPA is a not-for-profit, scientific professional, non-partisan, and humanitarian
membership-based organization established in 2019 for all Sudanese physicians in the
United States of America.
This association aims at providing support and extending hands to our colleagues in
Formal members have significant input in the governance and operations of the
organization by electing all board of directors and executive committee associates. They
are encouraged and expected to play an active role in the design and implementation of
the organization’s programs.
Elected board and executive committee associates need to be able to leave their personal
and professional agendas behind and make decisions only for the best of the entire
SAPA is hoping to be a real addition to all other organizations and bodies, and work hand
in hand in complete harmony and synergy. Ultimately, achieve our unified goal of
providing services and support to our community. For more information please visit us at
On behalf of SAPA Preparatory Committee Members we invite you to join, participate,
support and invite your other colleagues to join, please complete this membership application.

Membership Affairs Officers
Nagi Ahmed; Tel: (646) 732-7581, Email:
Nader Elmahi; Tel: (336) 259-8943, Email:
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