Tartan Ridge Hedge Replacement Request Form
Please use this form to request a replacement hedge plant.

Residents must be current on all HOA dues and fees before replacements are ordered.

The Tartan Ridge Master Association Homeowner’s Association is responsible for maintaining the hedgerows, including trimming, edging, mulching and replacing dead shrubs. We are actively assessing hedgerows throughout the neighborhood and making arrangements with our landscaper to replace any dead shrubs. Replacing hedgerows is a benefit resulting from the collection of annual HOA dues in order to maintain a community aesthetic that is described in Covenants. Costs associated with maintaining the hedgerow represent 20% of the annual total budget or $25,000, and each replaced shrub is approximately $100 in materials and labor.

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I agree to properly water my replacement hedge. Receiving an appropriate level of moisture is the most important factor for the proper establishment of newly installed plant material. Plants are equally sensitive to both over watering and under watering. Suitable watering of plants includes maintaining the correct amount of moisture and using the proper method of application. For the first two to three weeks after installation, plants should be soaked two to three times per week. After three weeks, plants should receive approximately one inch of water per week in one application, or more when temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants benefit most from a thorough soaking at the soil line, rather than sprinkling the leaves or mulch bed. Recommended watering times are in the early morning or late evening hours. Be careful not to over water. More plants die from sitting in standing water, than from not receiving enough moisture. *
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