Intercultural Festival Sign-Up
Come around the world with us as we experience sights, sounds, and tastes from all over the world, right here in Dobbs Ferry!

When: January 26th, 2019 12pm-3:30 pm
Where: Middle/High School Commons

Please sign up to share a food dish, an activity or information about your culture or country with our community at the PTSA Diversity Committee's 2nd Annual Intercultural Day (formerly Passport Party.)

In addition to the sharing about your culture, volunteers are needed to help out with the event. This is a one time volunteer event on the day of the event for 1.5 hours. Middle and High School students needing volunteer hours are also welcome to sign up.

For any questions, please email

Your participation makes this event a success!

Thank you!

The Diversity Committee

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To Volunteer at the Event
Volunteer for a 2 hour or 1.5 hour time slot. More information will be provided to all volunteers prior to the event. Volunteer activities could include helping with set-up, directing people, dishing food, etc. Thank you!
Volunteer slots
Are you a student, or do you have a student seeking volunteer or CAS hours?
For Families bringing a dish to share
Food must not contain nuts, nut oils, nut products, etc.
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For Families bringing an activity or performance
Please prepare an activity or short performance to share something about your culture
example: mask making, doll-making, writing name in different language, a dance or a musical performance
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Which culture or country does this activity or performance come from?
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Which times would you like to host your activity or perform during?
For families bringing a Cultural or Country Display
If your family would like to bring some items or information representing your culture or country, please describe below. Some families find making a display board an easy and fun way to share facts and information about their country. If you would like to be connected with other families that share your culture or country, please let us know below.
Name of Country or Culture
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Would you like us to contact you with information about other families who plan to make a display about the same country or culture as you?
Thank you!
Thank you for helping us celebrate the wonderful diversity that makes up the fabric of our community!
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