Happy Founders Day! Here's some BFS trivia questions for you about our history!
Visit www.brooklynfriends.org/150timeline for help answering some of these questions.
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What was Brooklyn Friends School's original Name?
What was the name of the first teacher (and principal) of our school?
How much was tuition that very first year?
What were the school's original colors? (Hint, they're now blue and grey but that's not what they used to be).
When did BFS open an Upper School division?
BFS had a newspaper that was published for over 50 years. What was it called? (Hint, the monthly video cast has the same name.)
BFS doesn't have a football team now, but in 1931 we did. How did we do?
In 1947, the school buildings were threatened by the city with demolition but the larger Brooklyn community came to the school's aid. What did they want to replace the buildings with?
What year did the BFS Preschool begin?
What year did the Upper School implement the International Baccalaureate program?
What is the name of the school mascot?
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