Student Transportation Survey 2020/2021 School Year
McCann Tech is currently developing plans for a hybrid-approach to learning this fall that would allow for 50% of of our students from all four grades to attend school on an every-other-day basis with the 50% at home receiving remote instruction. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has provided direction to school districts regarding the number of passengers allowed on school buses for the upcoming school year. These directions will significantly impact the number of students that will be able to be transported to McCann on a daily basis. For example, our standard 47 passenger bus will only be allowed to transport a maximum of 15 students per DESE. Without transportation help from our families we will have to reduce the number of students at McCann on any given day to closer to 25% resulting in students being in school one week a month and receiving remote instruction the rest of the month. Taking into consideration the two scenarios please answer the following questions regarding student transportation. Thank you for your time in this matter as the information is very valuable to our preparations for our students.
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1.) Which method of transportation were you anticipating for your child in the 2020/2021 School Year?
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2.) If you answered "School Bus" for question #1 would it be possible for you to utilize one of the other methods for transportation listed above (driven by parent, participate in car-pool, or student drives themselves)
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3.) If you answered "Yes" to question #2 please rate the level of hardship this would present for you and your family.
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