UPDATE Survey December 2020: COVID-19 Ramifications
In April and May of 2020, we asked our network: "What will be "normal" in the fall of 2020?"

The report from that survey provided helpful context and a spectrum of insight that was widely shared and helpful to prompt planning brainstorms.

Now, CO-LABS is asking our network of scientists, business leaders, technologists, academics and champions of science to describe the impacts on their organizations borne of the COVID-19 outbreak and societal shutdown.

Each question is optional - answer as you have insight and opinions. The answers to these questions will remain anonymous; you can choose whether or not to include your contact information.

We are motivated to aggregate and share the needs, challenges and even opportunities implicit in the complicated logistics affecting research and innovation activities in Colorado.

The scope of replies will help CO-LABS inform elected officials and civic leaders as they grapple with legislation, changes to public policy and changes to general rules and guidance for Colorado's residents.

We are grateful for your perspectives. You will help us in our mission to nurture the federal research lab ecosystem in Colorado to be a world-class discovery and innovation asset to the nation.

Thank you!
Dan Powers
Executive Director

You can see the original "What will be 'Normal' This Fall?" report at https://www.co-labs.org/post/what-will-be-normal-this-fall-covid-19-impacts-survey
What percentage of your staff is allowed to work on site as of December 1, 2020? (Consider vendors, contract workers, etc. within this answer)
Have you had any staffing reductions? Related: any decreases in hours, benefits or wages?
What other staffing issues or hiring issues have you faced?
Overall, how would you describe the impact of COVID-19 on your operations?
Are there any "silver linings" - new protocols borne of COVID-19 that have shown positive impacts?
What is your budget outlook for 2021 - in terms of programmatic and staffing continuity?
(Our intentionally provocative question, regarding your workplace and organization) What keeps you up at night?
What type of assistance or resources could the local and state government be prompted to provide to your organization and/or staff?
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