Orientation Waiver
Please complete the following waiver prior to August 23rd, 2019.
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I am aware that on-campus activities, such as, but not limited to, intramurals and recreation events can be dangerous activities involving many risks of injury. I understand and have educated myself about the dangers and risks associated with such activities which include, but are not limited to, death, serious neck and spinal cord injuries which may result in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, serious injury to vitally all internal organs, serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other general health and well-being. I understand that the dangers and risks of these activities may result not only in serious injury, but in a serious impairment of my future abilities to earn a living, engage in other business, social and recreational activities, and generally to enjoy life.

Because of the dangers of participation in on campus recreation activities, I recognize the importance of following rules and regulations established by Transylvania University, and agree to obey such instructions.

I acknowledge that I am in good physical condition and do not know of any condition or reason that I should not participate in the on-campus activities. I recognize and acknowledge that Transylvania University does NOT carry health insurance that would provide coverage for me in the event I should sustain an accidental injury while participating in campus recreation activities.

I understand the risks involved and I am voluntarily participating in on-campus activities. By my signature below, I hereby recognize and assume all risks associated with such activities whether foreseeable or not, and hereby and forever waive, release, discharge, hold harmless, promise not to sue and promise to indemnify Transylvania University and its officers, faculty members, employees, staff, agents, representatives, affiliates, contractors and volunteers (collectively, the “Representatives”) from any and all obligations, liabilities, claims, demands, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, or demands of any kind and nature whatsoever which may arise by or in connection with my participation, except where resulting from the gross negligence of Transylvania University and/or its Representatives. The terms hereof serve forever as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignees, and for all members of my family.

I hereby grant permission to the Transylvania University, Lexington, KY to use my photograph and recorded video of me on its Internet website, social media or in other official school printed publications without further consideration, and I acknowledge the school’s right to crop or treat the photograph or video footage at its discretion. I also acknowledge that the school may choose not to use my photo or video footage at this time, but may do so at its own discretion at a later date. I am not receiving payment for my participation in these videos nor, will I receive payment in the future.

Student Consent

In signing this Release with my typed name, I acknowledge and represent that I have read it in its entirety, understand it, and sign it voluntarily as my own free act and deed; no oral representatives, statements or inducements, apart from this Release has been made.

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