Waubay HS Parent Survey Fall 2019
Waubay High School is collected parent survey data as part of a comprehensive needs assessment. Your honest responses are welcome and will be used to develop a school improvement plan for the high school. Thank you!
1. The principal establishes, communicates, and routinely supervises the implementation of clear and consistent expectations, routines, and procedures that promote safety. *
2. My children are safe at school. *
3. The level of difficulty with my child’s assignments is appropriate and manageable. *
4. Teachers care about my children *
5. The environment of the school is friendly and welcoming. *
6. The school provides a variety of opportunities to participate fully in my child’s education. *
7. The school values me as a partner in the education of my child. *
8. The school has supported me in knowing what I can do at home to support my child’s learning. *
9. The school has provided support to my child as he/she has transitioned from one level to the next: elementary to middle school; middle to high school. *
10. I am well informed regarding my child’s attendance throughout the year. *
11. I am well informed regarding my child’s learning and academic progress throughout the year. *
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