Opera, pt. 2
Due 2/18
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In the Mozart and Monteverdi operas that we listened to last week, we noted how the boundaries between sections were made clear by pauses and changes in harmony and rhythm. How does the Wagner prelude compare? Within this orchestral prelude, do you have an easy time identifying different sections? Compare and contrast it to the Mozart from last week. *
"Die Soldaten" is infamous for the brutality is conveys both on stage and in the music. What do you make of this prelude? Having read about the piece on Wikipedia, why do you think the the composer would choose to begin their piece like this? What specific elements of the music contribute most significantly to your experience? If you hated this music, please consider this question an invitation to reflect on some of the issues we talked about with respect to Ashley Fure's "Filament." *
It' worth taking a moment to reflect on the fact that "Nixon in China" was written only 23 years after "Die Soldaten"! What do you make of the differences between the musical languages of both pieces? How do you think we might be able to explain such massive differences in style in such a short period of time? *
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