Global/REAP Instructor Application
Qualifications for the trainers are outlined in 1 Timothy 3. They must not be a new believer, must be well respected with integrity and must be committed to the mystery of the faith now revealed and must live with a clear conscience.
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Reference One: Pastor or approved ministry leader
All instructors must provide two (2) references. One of the references must be your pastor or an approved ministry leader.
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Reference Two
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Independent Instructor Certification
The Instructor/Mentor is an independent individual and is not an agent, partner or employee of Global/REAP or its affiliated organizations. The Independent Instructor will not and will ensure that their employees will not hold themselves out as such.

The Instructor/Mentor does not hold the status of employee or entitled to participate in any plans, or other benefits provided ordinarily by Global/REAP
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Preliminary Vision Statement
All instructors must provide a vision statement that includes their vision, their target audience and their plan to present the program to their students. Your Formal Visions Statement will be required before the certification process is completed.
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Global/REAP Certification Exam & Instructor Training
Each instructor/mentor must be certified by Global University to teach the Evangelism and Discipleship (SED) program by passing the certification exam. REAP International will provide the exam and training.
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