Change Agent Academy Application
Students wishing to apply for admission to the Teen Think Tank Project Change Agent Academy must complete this form in its entirety.  The deadline to apply for a given session is fourteen (14) days prior to start of a given session.  The TTTP's Change Agent Academy is a merit-based, competitive program with limited enrollment.  Admission is granted to qualified students on a rolling basis, and applications will no longer be accepted once a program's cohort reaches its maximum number of enrollees (15).  Submission of an application does not create any obligation nor does it guarantee admission.      
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While it is not required, students who indicate their top two (2) preferences increase their odds of gaining acceptance into the Teen Think Tank Project in the event their preferred program reaches capacity and/or is no longer accepting applications.  
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What does the term "agent of change" mean to you?  Please give an example of an agent of change that you admire. *
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I understand that the Teen Think Tank Project is a tuition-based program with an admission fee required if I am admitted. *
The current tuition for our program is $1996 USD, but scholarships, financial aid and payment plans are available to qualified applicants.
I acknowledge that as part of my application process I will be added to the Teen Think Tank Project mailing list so I can be contacted about my candidacy and other TTTP programs.   *
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