The Healing Network II
THN II requires you to draw on your experiences with working with the different modalities, and registering the changes and the vicissitudes that you can sense and perceive.
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1.Share an interesting feedback that you have received while healing. *
2.What has been your personal experience in applying different modalities? *
Since one has been initiated in different courses over a period of time, the experience would be layered and varied.
3.How have your perceptions amplified with subsequent courses? *
perceptions vis a vis self, others, the world, inanimate objects, your basic vision - how do you find it altered.
4.Which are the five areas of your Life that you would like to heal? *
feel free to broaden the horizons of what you term as your "Life"
5.Healing is inspiring. Share an instance of the creative way you have worked with any modality. *
6.A spontaneous healing story that has remained with you? *
when you have been spontaneously drawn to a particular method, mode or meditation.
7.What does healing mean to you? Is it a noun, a verb, and adjective, how do you connect to this word? *
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