Undivided Bursary/ Work Exchange Application 2018
Undivided is highly subsidized by the BC Conference of the United Church of Canada. The program costs over $4000 per participant to run. Participants are asked to pay a fee of $1200 for the program (with payment plans available). This fee covers travel to the program, food, accomidation and program leadership fees. Participants are invited to consider their financial situation and encouraged to apply for a bursary / work exchange if the $1200 fee is prohibitive. This application helps ensure fair dispersal of additional funds and explores opportunities for work-exchange.
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Email address
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Please tell us about your personal situation.
Do you have others who are financially dependant on you?
What is your annual household income?
How many people does the above income support?
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Please list additional people or organizations who are able to financially support your participation (ie congregations, social justice groups, community groups, family etc). Please indicate how much each group is able to contribute.
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How much are you personally able to contribute to the cost of the program? (this should feel like a stretch, perhaps cutting into your eating out budget, but not taking food off your table)
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Do you have any additional special financial or life circumstances you would like us to take into consideration?
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If you have time and skills you are able and willing to contribute to the Contemplative Justice Network, please indicate here (we have created a list of some, please feel free to add other ideas and we can talk more). Time exchange will generally be calculated at the Vancouver living wage of $20.62/hour and can be discussed individually as needed.
Thanks for filling out this application. Please email Christina at christina@contemplativejustice.org with any questions.
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